Frozen Elsa Inspired Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Frozen Elsa Halloween costume hair and makeup tutorialHalloween is around the corner and I am pretty sure we will have many little girls out there wanting to be Elsa! I thought I would do a tutorial for this Elsa Frozen Look, which my daughter was more than happy to be my model for this project!

elsa makeup mac makeupFor my Elsa makeup look I used these MAC Shades that I got during the holidays, but you can use any pink and purple eye shadow. I also used Urban Decay eye primer for my base. If you haven’t tried it I absolutely love their primer! Next I used simple snowflake stickers I found in the scrapbooking section which you can find at any craft store.  elsa snowflakeslayla turned elsa

My little one is ready for her Elsa Makeover!

Step 1: I used my Urban Decay Primer all over eye lid

step 1 elsa makeup

Step 2: Used my light shade of Mac Eye shadow all over the eye lid and under the lash line under the eye

 step 3 elsa makeup

Step 3: I used my darker shade of purple for the corner of the eyes  and used my darker shade on half of the bottom lash line. Because my little girl is only 6 I didn’t want to go crazy with mascara and eyeliner so I only used a little mascara and skipped the eyeliner. Plus I didn’t want her to have raccoon eyes when she started rubbing her face.

elsa makeup step 3

Step 4: I used my little snow flakes stickers on the corner of her eyes.

elsa makeup halloween tutorialMake up part done! Next we did her hair, for my daughters hair I just brushed it back and to the side and started a French braid from the top to the side. elsa hair braid halloween costume

Next I pulled her braid loose to give it the Elsa look. I just pinched the sides and pulled looser.

elsa hair tutorial step 2

elsa hair hobby lobbyElsa doesn’t wear anything across her forhead but my little one insisted we put one on her like we did for Halloween last year! You can find this at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section. We used those same stickers and added some in her braid like Elsa.

elsa makeup Halloween costume

My little one had fun getting dolled up like Elsa for my tutorial!

elsa tutorial layla outsidelayla elsaaa

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Burlap DIY Fall Garland


Burlap garland Diy Decor

I have been getting my “craft on” for my fall Décor this season. I found this 15 ft. Burlap at Hobby Lobby already in a roll for $5.99 and I used a 40% coupon app so it came out to $3.60. They have the same roll in the Christmas section and the fall section with just the title fall or Christmas and it’s already 40% off, that way you can save your 40% coupon for something else.  I have seen these garland go for over $25 on etsy and $25 at Hobby Lobby. No, I only do easy crafts so if I can do this — anyone can! burlap store

The way I gathered my burlap:I used florist wire. I first tried a needle with thicker string and it was just not working out well for me.  I simply unrolled my burlap across my living room floor sat down and as I ran my wire through I bunched my burlap. Play with it – the closer you bunch, the tighter your garland will look. At the end of each wire I tied twine around it so It would look better when I tied up.


Diy burlap garland bunched

There you go another easy craft. They do have shimmer burlap that I thought was pretty, it does cost a few dollars more.  Cant wait to put some pumpkins under my garland!  burlap garland diy fall decor



Book Page Garland DIY

book page garland DIYThis might be one of my favorite diy projects I have done lately. I can’t wait to use this garland for one of my fall décor looks. We are also using this for a Baby Shower we are hosting. For this easy book page garland I used an old book that had yellowish tinted pages. If you can’t find one, go to goodwill, they will have plenty. If you feel like getting real crafty: you can make your own coffee dye with 3 tablespoons of instant coffee and 4 ounces of warm water, mix it up and use a foam brush for dyeing and let dry.

For my garland I put some modge podge in a bowl and poured gold glitter in the glue and mixed up.  With a foam brush, I brushed my glue mixture on each page. Let them dry for a full day. The next day I tore each page in half and crinkled up each page to give more of a vintage look.  Next, I pierced a hole through each page with a pencil so it was wide enough that I could run twine thru.  Don’t worry if it tears a little or if its not right in the center, it gives it a better look!  example for page banner

There you go: easy peasy and affordable! The modge podge gave my pages a little shine with a little sparkle!

glitter modge podge


book page garland Diy fall decor

Fall in love with FALL

Fall in love with Fall

I don’t know about you guys but I am so excited fall is approaching. Fall means cozy sweaters, Pumpkin Spice lattes, corn mazes, and my favorite crafting and baking!  With that being said: Yes, I want to be the crazy neighbor that wants to decorate her porch for the fall in August. However, I have been forbidden by my husband at least until September. He’s no fun, but I can at least start gathering up ideas and start crafting!

I’m not the only crazy person out there because fall décor is hitting retailers and is already going fast. If you want to get a head start for your porch and home décor. So far on my search for treasures I noticed: Hobby Lobby is full of fall, Jo Ann Fabrics has some and they also have primitive fall décor if you’re on a hunt for that. Tuesday Morning has adorable fall décor and great Halloween Décor (they also had witch dolls that were amazing at my Tuesday Morning). ACMoore has a pretty good selection but I think a better Halloween selection. Don’t forget about Dollar Tree, I found a 6 pack of fall colors crafting glitter after I paid double that for only 3 colors at Hobby Lobby. They also have fall flowers and other goodies. I haven’t been to Kirkland’s yet to see what they have in but they always have cute fall décor.

If your a visual person like me, here are some of my favorite fall porches that I love. You can take bits and pieces of what you like and create your own look. Keep in mind if you’re looking for pallets or crates: check craigslist first! If you can’t find crates all the craft stores have them starting at $9.99 and up. Also at JoAnn’s  you can use a coupon. If you want hay stacks or corn husk find a CO-OP or local nursery by you for the best deal. My husband taught me that one! I will update this post with my own porch once I’m allowed!



Looking at this porch just makes me happy! Pumpkins, mums, and a scarecrow, it is all just beautiful. Via Between Naps On The Porch Continue reading →

Easy way to freeze peaches

Normally I wouldn’t post anything about food, except eating it! I do not cook and make things that are easy. While visiting my grandma this past weekend, my family was peeling peaches to freeze. Now I did not participate in said peeling because I can not cut or peel food to save my life. My aunt knowing this sent me to the store to get more supplies.

Freezer peaches

This is what you will need to make this an easy project:


Fruit fresh powder

Quart size freezer ziplock bag
Now my aunt picked up two boxes of peaches from the Carolina’s. You can pick up 4-5 peaches from the produce section or farmer’s market. Rinse your peaches and start peeling. Make sure to thinly slice the peaches. This really helps with the next step: coating.
Sliced peaches
Once all the peaches are cut into slices you are ready to coat your product.
Fruit Fresh preserver
We used Mrs. Wages Fresh Fruit Preserver powder to preserve the fruit from browning. You literally sprinkle it over the peaches and toss the peaches to make sure they are coated. Next you are ready for the sugar. Sprinkle  1.5 cups of sugar over the peaches. Stir the peaches up to make sure they are coated.
Sliced peaches
Now it is time to bag the peaches. Scoop or spoon them into a Quart size Freezer Ziploc Bag. My Grandma swears by Ziploc freezer bags. They seal the best and keep it the freshest.
Label the bag with date and where you got the peaches. That way you know where to get peaches next time.
Bagged freezer peaches
Put in freezer. Eat by themselves, put on ice cream or use for cobblers. There are a lot of recipes out there for frozen peaches.

Play Menu and Doctor check-up Printables

Check up forms

I have been planning my little girls Doc McStuffins birthday party and came across these free Dr. check-up Printables that will go perfect for the party.  I was checking out this great site and also came across this cute restaurant play menu.  My girls love to play kitchen and have little notepads that they like to pretend to take my orders and run off to make my food.  What I did with this cute Play Menu Printable is, I took it down to my local FedEx and laminated two copies. Next I purchased some dry erase markers so the girls could write, and circle on them. So today I was the ” best mommy ever!”   Omelette Menu AdPretend Play Menu Printable

It cost little over $3.00 to have two laminated, and my girls have been playing with them all afternoon! This could be a cute little add on gift for your children’s friends that you know they love to play kitchen! Now I want to see what else I can Laminate!

Halloween Dollar Tree Craft

haunted house dollar tree craft

EKK! I know, I know, Halloween in August boooo! I will say I love Halloween and love seeing stores get their new Halloween merchandise in! The reason I am posting this now is because on my last trip to Dollar Tree I came across these little porcelain haunted houses. They are so cute! They have a whole collection from lighthouses to graveyards to zombies! I didn’t go crazy and buy all of them just yet, but I hope to add to my collection! So yes in August Dollar Tree has these cute little haunted houses. In case you wanted them – go now and snag them up!

dollar store before craft

Here is how they come, they’re cute the way they are but I thought they would look better painted with some black acrylic gloss paint. Plus they will match my Halloween Décor better.

dollar store crafts

I thought about spraying them with black glitter also, but I loved how they looked! Maybe when I add to my collection I will do some with glitter! If you guys love Halloween – so far I have seen the most Halloween Merchandise at Ac Moore. Hobby Lobby has some and JoAnn’s had very little.

Doc McStuffins Headband DIY

Doc McStuffins headbands favors

Doc McStuffins Head bands

My little daughters Bday is coming up and she loves her Doc McStuffins. As Part of the girls favors they are all getting Doc McStuffins Headbands. I came across these headbands in the Target Dollar Section and thought they would be perfect for our little doctors! headband before

So Tina and I went on a hunt to Hobby Lobby. We found these treasures that worked out perfectly

Flowers at Hobby Lobby

This package had an assortment of flowers. We used pink but you could use purple to for this project.

Gems at Hobby LobbyThese little buttons easily hot glued on each flower

Flower Diy Doc McStuffins headband They are so cute! Next I cut little pieces of felt and hot glued to the headband so I could hot glue the flower to the felt and not the glitter part of the headbandNow I just hot glued my flowers to the felt. I have 10 little headbands ready for some doctors!

Doc McStuffins headbands favors

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Elsa Frozen Picture

Elsa Frozen Photo


I have had a few people asking for the Elsa Photo I had framed in my daughters Frozen Party. I believe I found this photo through Google images and saved to my computer.  For a copy of the photo right click and save to your computer. If you have troubles post a comment and I will email you my file. I also found my frame at Hobby Lobby of course!

Elsa Frozen Photo

Frozen Party Favors

Frozen Parties are the most requested party this year among little girls. If you plan on hosting one, we have a lot of great tips, DIYs and other Frozen goodies to choose from. Frozen lip balm

While out shopping for Back to School items, I stumbled upon Frozen packs of lip balm and nail polish.

Frozen Nail polish

I found them at Marshalls for $4.99.

Other Party favors we have come across:

Frozen party part 1

Frozen party part 2

Frozen party part 3 

Visit our other Frozen Party DIY and treat bag stuffers under our Frozen Party tab