Colorful display crates

DIY Duck Tape Crate

DIY instructions on how to use duck tape to decorate wood crates and use to hang pictures, jewelry and other accessories. Perfect for college dorm rooms, classrooms or to revive your old wood crates.

At work this week, Emily and I got to do arts and crafts! Well display crates for merchandise, but it’s arts and crafts to us. We made these to house some new DIY products at the store, but I’m sharing because you could use these in your home decor or to display your crafts.

Start with a blank canvas: or in our case, a blank wood crate. You can purchase at any craft store.

Wood Crate

Then you need to pick out your choice of color of Duck Tape. We went with Neon Orange and Bright Pink. You can even use a printed Duck Tape and a solid.

Duck tape for Wood crate


We started the top strip with orange. Start at the very top corner or the back edge of your crate leaving a few extra inches of tape. The tape will wrap around to the inside of the crate. Make sure the tape is flat as you wrap it and that it is lined up perfectly with the top of the crate. The second piece of tape will overlap the first piece slightly. The second piece of tape needs to line up with the bottom edge of the first board.

The middle stripe of tape we covered with pink. You cover it the same way as the top. The middle stripe has the handle, you may need to leave a few extra inches of slack so that it can be folded over the back.

The bottom stripe we went back to orange again, but you could even use a third color. To make this one easier on you, flip the crate over to were the bottom is now the top.

Duck Tape Crate

Completed Duck Tape Crate

Twine, hammer and nails

Now the fun begins! You will need a hammer, twine, nails and some spring clips or marketing clips.

Duck Tape Crate with twine

We are not using the inside of the crate for our displays. However, if you want to do double duty – flip the crate so you can put stuff inside it and still use the outside to house your photos and such.

From the top of the crate: 1 inch down from top and 1 inch from the edge, hammer first nail on left and then one on the right. We choose a small nail. Just a few taps should be enough to secure the nail. Do not hammer it in all the way!

Next attach your twine. Before you cut your piece of twine, tie it to one nail on one side and measure how much twine you will need with a few inches extra for slack.

Duck Tape twine crate

There should be a dip in the twine.

Leave a little extra twine to make it easier to tie into a double knot around the nail. Once both knots are tied, trim any extra twine.

Photos on Crate

Crafts on crate

Another way to DIY a crate is with the same duck tape style, but instead of the twine, you will hammer in 5 nails 1 inch down along the top of the crate to create small “pegs” on which you can hang crafts or jewelry.

Nailed pegs Crate

Make sure you measure and do not eyeball the nails like I did. Not even on this project is completely noticeable.

marketing clips

These are the marketing clips that I use on my picture hanging system at my house. I recommend these for holding pictures instead of the spring clips that are pictured on the twine. Spring clips are good for holding merchandise and other thicker goods.

Our final crate was turned vertically to create a taller version. We used two twine hangs with clips on it.  The top one is like our first crate and the bottom hang is 10 inches from the top of the crate.

3 Duck tape crates

This is way easier than painting the crates. Even better, you can remove the duck tape and change the color if you want to.

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Halloween DIY Crafts- Witches Hat

witches hat postI must say if I was a witch, I would totally wear this hat. I came across a cardboard witches hat at ACMoore and knew I could do something fun with this. I painted this hat black first, and let fully dry. Next I found this fun vintage looking scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that I covered my hat with. The best tip I could give you for this is defiantly play around with how you are going to cover the cone before you apply any modge podge or start cutting your paper. It wasn’t hard but took some patience! I found this fun burlap bow that went perfect for my hat that I easily hot glued to my hat.

Halloween DIY Crafts- Witches Spell Books


witches book


EK! I cannot tell you enough how excited I am Halloween is around the corner! Fall is my favorite time to craft because we all know I am a big kid at heart when it comes to the holidays, no you can never have enough decorations that being said Halloween décor can be costly and yes I can get carried away! So last year I decided to get my craft on and see what I could come up with on my own!  bookI found a cardboard book that can open up at Hobby Lobby ($4.99) use a 40% coupon app if not on sale makes it $3 bucks. I painted it black and used a gloss black paint. I headed on over to the scrapbooking section and picked up some Halloween scrapbook paper. Always try to stock up when you see advertised 50-60% off! Once your paint is fully dried cut your paper to fit your book. Brush modge podge where you want to lay your paper and then brush the top of your paper with modge podge. When I lay my paper down I use an old credit card to try to avoid bubbles! I found my Eat Drink & be Scary printable at Hobby lobby, it came in a pack of three in the craft section.

Warning: because these books are so easy they become addictive and are so much fun to make!

halloween party post

Halloween DIY Crafts- Potion Bottles

potion bottles post

Pretty sure you all have seen Hocus Pocus, if not you all are cray cray as my daughter would say and need to go watch this amazing movie. Anyway for my daughters Halloween party we had a witches ball. And because my older daughter is obsessed with witches we had all the little kids make their own potion for a fun activity.  I found these cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby. I waited until all the glass products were 50% off so I could get a good deal. I paid less than $1.00 a piece.

Next all I bought was these little plaques in the craft section that I hot glued to the jars. Crafts

For the potion we used spider & bat confetti and a spider ring that I cut the ring part off. Next they mixed it up and poured into their jars. halloween Crafts post

 Little Test Tubes I found at Target in the $1 section

halloween craftsI just love these!

Hallowen party children favors postLittle Halloween Favors for my little witches!

Happy Halloween!

Sundae Cupcake Cones

Ice cream cupcakes post

Have some fun with these cupcakes!  These adorable cupcakes were perfect for our Ice cream social. Here are a few tips on how to make them, because they can be a little tricky. I used a regular box cake recipe first and then I added my batter to the middle of the cone and stopped right about here:cupcakeI filled about 9 cones and put them in a cupcake pan to bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes . Once done take out to cool. I have seen some fluffier cones and I tried some cones with more batter and it turned out to be a hot mess, bubbled over the cone and it just wasn’t a pretty sight!

cherry on top cupcakesSo the trick to these cones: they are top heavy. Once you put your frosting on- just pray nobody walks by them or breathes on them so you can show off your hard work before they start tumbling over.  Tina and I were knocking cupcakes over left and right, but hey they did come out cute! Now with the rest of the batter I made regular cupcakes that didn’t fall over!

Cupcakes ice cream socialAnd they were just as cute! Tina found this adorable cupcake carousal at Kirkland’s. Amazon has same one Here

Hand painted rocks DIY

One of my sweet employees Emily and her mother have an obsession with painting rocks. I saw a picture recently of some of them and was impressed.
Hand Painted Rocks
They get most of their rocks in rivers and mountains. Do not take them from National Parks, it is against the law. The key is to get flat, smooth rocks.  Rinse your rocks clean and let sit to dry.
table setup for rock painting
They have a little table set up on their deck with their tools and paintbrushes. They have a small container which has drawers that they keep all the paint on so it’s easier to access. Have a lot of paintbrushes to choose from.
Apple Barrel Paint
They use acrylic paint that can be found at Walmart. They use the Apple Barrel brand and it’s only 97 cents! After the rock is painted with whatever design you picked, you set it out to dry. It may take 2-3 coats of paint to coat your rock. You will need to let dry between coats.
Also, paint pens work great for small detail work.
setting spray
They then use a gloss finish varnish that makes the rock look polished and pretty! You can also use Modge Podge to set the paint.
Owl Hand painted rocks

Cute Owls

ladybug rocks

Ladybugs Rock

rock garden

Rock Garden. They make cute paperweight gifts. Kids can help too.

flower garden
Hand painted rocks for your garden

Coming to a garden near you!

Shabby Chic Tea Party Brunch

Tea party brunch

Love it Soireés had fun creating this Shabby Chic inspired Tea Party brunch. tea party decor

tea party food

We used a brownie pan to make little cakes drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled some confectionary sugar, topped with a raspberry and paper straw

Tea party brunch

Creative ways to use those adorable paper straws

cupcakes tea party brunch tea party table For the little ones customized Tea cups made by Holly Slay found on Etsy

yogurt  tea party brunch yogurt tea party brunch food Yogurt filled with Granola topped with raspberries, simple and elegant sweet tea favorsSweet Tea Favors for the guest, check out our Tutorial heretea time frame

Sweet Tea Favors

Gift Ideas Sweet TeaOh the love I have for sweet tea, and because I love sweet tea so much I thought sweet tea favors in some mason jars would be a cute little favor for a Tea Party!

martha stewart

The wonderful Martha Stewart posted a cute DIY  favor idea for a wedding, but because I love mason jars I decided to put mine in Jars. Here is my tutorial on making your own sugar cubes. Because my heart mold is bigger I only added 4 heart sugar molds to two tea bags. Martha Stewart provided a Free printable that I fixed up and folded to go along in my mason jars.

sweet tea favors

sweet tea

  I added some twine and created my own Sweet Tea Printable to dress up my mason jar. You can also get your Mason Jar Lids  on Amazon. If you haven’t noticed yet, mason jar tumbler cups are everywhere and come with cute little straws. I picked one up because I liked the color and it was on clearance. Here is another free Sweet Tea chalkboard printable if you like the chalkboard look! blue sweet tea



DIY Sugar Heart Molds

DIY sugar moldsMy Girls and I had fun making these easy DIY Sugar Hearts for a tea party we were throwing! I was making Sweet Tea Favors and you put inside a mason jar tea bags along with sugar cubes. Well I have never bought sugar cubes before so I thought, I bet I could make them. So my little girls and I experimented in the kitchen and had some fun.

All you need is 1 cup of sugar & 1tbs of water, if you want to add color add a little food coloring, I did some white and some red. Next just mix it up and fill your mold up — my kids favorite part!

The only tricky part is getting your sugar mold out. The first batch I made, I made them and took them out of the mold right away. This way worked the best –and then just let them dry on wax paper. When getting them out they are a little soft but you can still shape them.  The last time I made them I let them dry in the mold and then when I took them out, and about half of them broke — Sad moment.

sugar diy

Once your molds are fully dry you can fix your edges up.

And there you go, a fun easy DIY if you ever need to make some sugar molds! sugar hearts 1

Tea Party

sweet tea favorsHere is this adorable Tea party favors — Sweet Tea