4th Of July Food

4th Of Jully Party Food
Getting ready for a 4th of July Party? Here is a dessert you can make that looks great and cost just a few dollars to make! Depending on how many guest you are having you can make your Layered Jell-O a few different ways. I made mine for my family, so I just made 3 big cups in my Iced tea glasses. At Target right now  (June/2014) in the dollar section; they have wine plastic cups. I love to use these  for all kinds of desserts, and we  all know I’m about easy and delish desserts!

Target Dollar Section

To make your 4th of July Jell-O Dessert all you need is

1 box of Blue Berry Jell-O ( or any blue)

1 box of Cherry Jell-O ( or any red)

1 can of Ready Whip cream

(if you’re having a party get big boxes of Jell-O)

4th of  July Food

Follow the directions on the box for your Jell-O.  I made my red Jell-O first and let it sit for 4 hours until firm so you can pour the blue Jell-O on top

4th Of July Desserts Jell-O

 I made mine the night before. Once ready to serve put some Ready Whip on top and serve!


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Frozen Backpack for Back to school

Alright mommies: I know we hate to think about back to school shopping already but it will be here before you know it, so you might as well get a jump start! If you have any little girls that is obsessed with Frozen, guess what they will probably want a Frozen backpack! So instead of running all around town looking for one, here are some options that I found with the best prices. Update (7/5/14) I recently have been to Target and they are getting Frozen folders and notebooks. So be on the lookout! I also found a Frozen Backpack for my daughter at the Disney Store.
Disney Frozen backpack

I looked around for lunch boxes and found a few that cost over $30.00 and I just think that’s crazy. But here is a tin option.

Disney Tin Lunch Box

Disney Frozen Girls Backpack

Unfortunately many sites didn’t have Frozen back to school products yet. I’m sure retailers will get them in stock for back to school but don’t count on it lasting long!

Banana Pudding Made Pretty

Banana pudding fancy it up

Moving to the south I have discovered many new things that that I love! I Probably don’t need them in my life as much as I like but on occasion we like to splurge! That being said, Yes Banana Pudding…. Amazing is all I can say! Why I never had this before until I moved here I don’t know but I  must share this yummy easy recipe with everyone! Oh and by the way Sweet tea in the south is Heaven!

If you’re throwing a party — this is something light and sweet you can make. Preparation is easy and fast. If you have kids you can have your kids help lay the cookies down in the layering process. Usually I have seen banana pudding served in a bowl or platter but you can have fun with this! I layered mine in wine glasses and topped with whip cream and placed a cookie and some cookie crumbs to dress it up.  You can make them in mason jars if you have the little mason jars that would also be cute!

If you decide to pour yours in glasses I just used a ladle to pour the pudding mixture in. Don’t worry if you get some on the sides you can clean it off and your going to top with whip cream anyway! (Note I wait until I am ready to take out dessert because the whip cream will soften up)

There are many different types of banana pudding recipes out there, I have tried a few but this is my favorite!

Banana Pudding Recipe

1 large pkg Instant vanilla pudding,

2 1/2 cups cold milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)

1 container whipped topping, (16 ounces)

sliced bananas ( about 5-6 Bananas)

vanilla wafer cookies


Mix pudding and milk; add condensed milk. Blend it up add whipped topping blend until your filling has no lumps

Now you just layer your cookies down, top with bananas, pour pudding on top and repeat layers. For the top I lay my cookies down and crush a few all over.  If you want to dress up your pudding, you can put them in glasses or mason jars for a cute look! Just do the same layering method. For my wine glass I added whip cream to the top and dressed it up with a cookie and some crumbs!

Set in your refrigerator, you can eat this a few hours after being in the refrigerator but its best made the night before!

banana pudding party treats

Banana Pudding


Homemade chalk DIY

I came across these at Target. They would be great for the 4th of July parties as party favors or just out to play with.
You can make your own though. It is easy and you can choose whatever shape mold or color. I made some for the Bubble Guppies Pool party we did last year. See that Post.

Father’s Day candy tackle box DIY

Target had this candy tackle box for Valentine’s day this year. I kept it in mind for Father’s Day. This would be an easy DIY to give to any Father who loves to fish.
Bead box
Dad’s favorite small candies
Gummy Worms
Sour Worms
Swedish Fish
Gummy Fish
Or any other fish, worm or fishing candy/food.
Black, navy or other manly color ribbon optional.
You can pick up a bead box at Dollar Tree, or any craft store or in the craft section at Wal-Mart.
Dad can reuse the bead box for his fishing supplies or use in the garage for nuts and bolts.
Fill the box with your candies. Optional, run ribbon around the top and tape to top lid.
Print out a card for the top and tape it down and viola’
Try Lil’ Luna’s What a catch card
Or Try this one.

Retro 4th of July Photo’s

What’s fun about having kids is you get to play dress up! And us mommies will take advantage of any occasion to throw together some cute photo props to create fun photos! We wanted a retro look inspired by Coca-Cola and the 1950’s for this photo shoot. First I had a lemonade stand that my husband had made for my daughters Vintage Carnival Party and I have used this stand over and over for many events! Plus my husband made it out of an old wood fence so it was free! But fence wood is not costly. I found the made in America sign at Hobby Lobby for $4.96!

This booth would be cute for a 4th of July Party or a retro party. I found the pinwheels a few years ago at Party City. I used poster command tape to stick my pinwheels to the wood. The pom poms and Coca Cola sign were found at Hobby Lobby. I found my Coca Cola crate at a flea market, but you can find them on craigslist. I found myRetro slushy Machine on Amazon. The money is worth it if you have children, during the summer it stays out!  I borrowed my Retro popcorn machine but here is one from Amazon Retro Popcorn Machine
We let the girls have fun, pretending to be a waitresses. Below we had fun with these pom poms. First we had them hanging from fishing line from a tree and then we used on the photo stand. I made an American flag crate My DIY tutorial here that was a perfect fit for toddlers to sit on and the older girls could lean over.
Crate was perfect size for this cutie!
Second photo look for our stand.
I found these Retro Popcorn Boxes on Amazon also for my daughters carnival, I used them as a cupcakes stand and saved them so I can use them for another event.
Mason Jar Drinks tied with some red and white twine and flag pinwheel straws from Target

American Flag Crate DIY

Create your own American flag crate!
 I bought my crate at Wal-Mart for little over $9.00 you might be able to purchase it cheaper at AC Moore or Joann’s with a coupon. This was my first time painting this with all three different colors. I suggest first spray painting your crate red. When spray painting you can get all the little cracks and creases in the crate and will save you tons of time!! If you think you can tape the wood off so the spray paint doesn’t get on it, good luck getting that tape on in between the gaps, trust me its not worth your time. Paint your white stripes (it might take a few times) and let dry. I did my blue paint last so I could try and get a straight line. I strongly suggest finding a star stencil. I made mine last minute so I had to freehand my stars and the first time they came out horrible! I had to cover with paint and this time I printed out a star image from Google and traced it with pencil on my crate and then painted my stars with a thin brush. That time they came out a lot better but would look better with a stencil! If you like more of the “primitive look” you can get cream paint instead of white and a darker red paint. When fully dried – take a piece of sandpaper and a lightly sand your crate to the look you like.
               1 red spray paint
               Blue and white paint
               Star stencil
This crate doesn’t just have to be used for photos you can use your crate as a stand for food or anything at a party. You can also use it as a decoration in your house! I painted it so the girls could sit on it, but you can do it the other way and use take photos with a baby sitting in the crate. Or with decorations inside for décor for your house.

Movie Snack Popcorn kit

I came across this “Movie Snack kit” popcorn bucket at Target a couple months back. I know I can make my own at home for half of the cost.
It is regular price $7.99 but you can make it for around $4. Possibly even $3 if allergic or do not like  peanuts. 
You will need: 
1 movie box of M&Ms plain
1 movie box of M&Ms peanut
1 movie box of Skittles
1-2 bags popcorn depending on how much you want. 
Large bowl Or individual bowls/bags

You can find the movie box size candies at Target and WalMart for a $1 a lot of times. Even the Dollar tree has them available. You probably have popcorn in your Cubbard right now. 

You can even mix Reese’s Pieces, Raisinets, pretzels, Etc. 

My girls love popcorn mix-ins. This will be a hit during sleepovers, movie parties, or just watching TV. 

Lemonade Stands for Charity!

Tips on how to get your kids involved for charity!

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer! Why not a Lemonade Stand for charity! I’m always looking for ways for my daughters to give back to there community, and a lemonade stand is fun for everyone. Here are a few tips to help with your Lemonade Stand.
  •  Have your children pick what charity they want to raise money for- I gave our girls options to help them out. We do a children’s hospital toy drive during the holidays so for our lemonade stand they picked our local animal shelter Young Williams.  I contacted the shelter and asked if they had any rules and they were thrilled with the idea, and even asked for us to make a flyer they can post on there Facebook page and community board to help spread the word!
  • Ask local businesses if you can set up outside. We wanted to do a location that had high traffic as opposed to our street. In our neighborhood we have a local family owned gas station. After we talked to the owner, they were happy to help us out.
  •  Create a fun flyer that will draw attention- now that we had our location set,  we did fun photos we could put on our flyer to advertise our stand! The girls had fun with this!
  •  Use social media to spread the word of your cause- You can create a Facebook event and send to all your friends and have your friends send to their friends. You can also go to your local news channel website and add it to their community calendar. Ask local businesses if you can post your flyer on their board, you will be surprised how many businesses will want to help you out and even post it to their Facebook page!
  • Lemonade supplies currently at Target (2014) Target currently has this cute little end cap of everything you need for a lemonade stand! We gave an option between pink lemonade and regular lemonade but the pink lemonade was a hit! Target even has a cute money box! If you don’t want to purchase the box we used a teddy bear plastic container that was filled with animal crackers.

 We didn’t ask for a certain amount the day of the lemonade stand and asked for any donation would be appreciated! With that the girls raised over $150 in two hours for Young Williams. They were able to sponsor and pick out two animals for someone who can’t afford adoption fees. The girls picked out two dogs and the shelter sent the girls a photo of the dogs they saved!

Frozen party goody bag treat bag stuffers part 3

I came across these Frozen word search books last night at Target in the dollar spot section. They are the size of a coloring book, but could be rolled up to go inside a bag.

If you can find these Kellogg’s fruit snacks, they would be perfect for treat bags. I got this box at Super Target, but like Frozen merchandise goes, have yet to find more.

But be warned, the box contains assorted Disney princess pieces. So not every bag has Frozen on them.
ACMoore has a section of these Frozen books. Use a coupon to knock the price down.
Also at target I came across these $1 socks. They also sell Anna themed socks. Located in the Dollar Spot.
I found these small coloring books at Target in the books section. They are $1.89. Not a bad price.  They are small enough to fit in a treat bag.