Scrapbook Paper Crafts

DIY Party Props
Here is why I love scrapbook paper, it’s not just for scrapbooking! Keep an open mind about the fun projects you can do with simple basics. So I have been on the search for cute cupcake stands, platters or anything from my Frozen Birthday Party that I am doing for my daughter, and I cant find anything. I lie – I found a few cupcake stands that I want but will cost $80.  So I decided I will just have to see what I can come up with. I went to Joann fabrics and bought a plain box $7.99 and used my 20% off total purchase coupon making it $6.40.
I went over to my favorite scrapbooking paper section and they have tons and tons of options.  They had every shade of blue and glitter so I found exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the scrapbooking wasn’t on sale but I was able to use my 20% coupon off $1.99 making them $1.60 each. I bought 4 just to be safe!
I measured my box and cut away. At first I used Modge Podge to glue the back of the paper down and that was a horrible idea because the paper was thick and it was bubbling. So I used my hot glue gun and within 10 minutes my box was done!
And here you go! It’s not perfect but I think it will work out perfect for the party! I will post pictures of what I end up using it for at the Frozen Party!

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Frozen Party Goody Bag Bubbles

Like I have said before, Frozen is all the rage and has sold out in stores. Even Frozen inspired party stuff is all gone. Oriental Trading is a great place to order your party supplies from. They usually have them in bulk amounts. The one thing we wanted for our goody bags were these snowflake bubbles from Oriental Trading.

Wouldn’t you know – OUT OF STOCK!!!
Now I am a big fan of DIYing your theme into your goody bag. Remember the Lalaloopsy bubbles?
So off to the store to buy the supplies I will need to make my snowflake bubbles work.
Plain bubbles (you could do blue or clear) I went with clear
Snowflake stickers (found this roll at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section)
These snowflakes can be wrapped around or cut to make your bubble wand awesome. Remember: No two snowflakes are the same, so your bubbles can be very different. This is a great project to get the kids involved on.
These bubbles would work for any Frozen or winter wonderland party. The stickers I found were in a roll, so we can use them on other projects.
Finished product: Pretty Cool looking Snowflake bubble wands.

Frozen Party Goody Bag Hair Bows

Disney’s Frozen movie is so popular that stores have sold out of party supplies, merchandise and clothing. So far we are looking at 2 Frozen parties, one in March and one in April. With stores slim on Frozen goods, we will have to make our own. So be on the lookout for a lot of Frozen DIY from us. It is the fun part of our jobs.

One of the things we decided to do was make Frozen inspired hair bows. These will go in the Goody Bags for the girls. Choose smaller size glitter ribbon for the younger girls and larger glitter ribbon for older girls.

 These are the ones we chose for the younger girls. Blue Glitter with Snowflakes.
Yes, they are for sale. Just Comment below with your email and I will give you the details.

The ones for the older girls! Silver Glitter with Snowflakes.
The book is a 2 in 1 find. Two books in one and it has stickers!!!! The book is by Lisa Marsoli and Illustrated by Joey Chou. I ordered it through Scholastic books but you may be able to find it in other book stores and even Walmart.
The stickers can be used on many different things for your party; tent cards, goody bags, in the goody bag, decorations, etc.

Frozen Party DIY Branches

 Some more DIY tips for your Frozen Party, or any event! Here is how you can make your own branch trees for your party, or winter decorations in your house. I first gathered branches in my backyard.
Of course I couldn’t find the perfect branch so I decided I can make my own. I gathered my branches and played around with them on how I wanted them to hang. I cut branches to make them shorter so I can have some short branches and some long ones. I used Florist tape and taped my branches up.
Here you can see where I taped the branches. I am going to spray paint them so don’t worry about the tape showing. I used metallic silver spray paint and sprayed each side.
Let your branches dry. After I did use glitter spray but the glitter didn’t show up as much because of the spray paint. So it got messy. You can buy glue spray but I just poured some modge podge in a bowl and put some in my hands and ran through each branch soaking with glue. (at first I used the brush but it was taking way to long) So it got messy. I suggest using newspaper underneath your branches. after I did a few branches I used these Snowflakes and poured over my glued branches. Be gentle your branches are fragile and can break easy.
This little bag has gone a long way. I bought this after Christmas on clearance.
 They came out so pretty I can’t wait to use them at the party!

Frozen Party Frames

Frozen DIY Frames

So Since the biggest fad right now is Frozen of course my daughter wants to have a Frozen Party. I will post some easy DIY projects for the party that you can do for your own Frozen party or winter wonderland! Here is a cute DIY frame. We are having a snowman building station and Elsa’s jewelry station. You can get these Frames at Ikea for $1.00 and they come in white. I wanted to add some touches, so first I spray painted Silver with spray-paint.
Let your frames dry and then coat frames with modge podge. I used a bag from Christmas of snowflakes and added to the frame.
I found these cute Free FROZEN Printable’s If you want to add your own wording I copied the image on Microsoft word and drew a text box over existing wording and added my own. I also found some snowflake stickers in the stationary section at Hobby Lobby. 

DIY Crowns

Lace Crowns

Have fun with these DIY lace crowns!
You can get fabric stiffener at any craft store next to Mod Podge. Pick any paint color you want. I used Mod Podge to glue my snowflakes and glitter at the end.
Dip your lace in a bowl of the fabric stiffener. Let it soak well,  run the excess glue off and lay your lace on a piece of wax paper to dry. If you’re impatient like me – you can blow dry it dry. Otherwise will dry overnight.
After fully dry,  go ahead and paint your lace any color.  If you want the natural lace look, skip this step.
When your crown is dry, glue your ends together to form a crown. I used a hot glue gun.

I covered my crown with modge podge and had a bag of snow flakes that I added. (would be cute for a Disney Frozen party if you paint this blue and add snowflakes! and the other used tons of silver glitter. You can have fun with these! 
I have seen some people use them for photo props on infants.

Bruschetta Bread appetizers

So I am no chef by all means but my momma taught me a few tricks.
This bruschetta bread is the best thing you will ever have and be the easiest thing you ever made. If you give it at a party; I guarantee you, people will want the recipe and it will be the first thing to go (so make a few loafs). So first thing is first:
Supplies this recipe only calls for a few things so it wont hurt your wallet!

Preheat oven to 350


One loaf of French or Italian bread
Two tomatoes
One bag of mozzarella cheese
One jar of Classico Traditional  Pesto Sauce (this is always in the spaghetti sauce section usually on the top shelf)

Cut your loaf in half, spread evenly the whole jar of pesto sauce on both of your slices of bread. Slice your tomatoes (I cut mine in half to make easier for cutting.)  Lay your tomatoes over your bread and then spread the whole bag of mozzarella cheese over your loafs.
Bake in the over for about 15 minutes but keep watching it. You want the bread to be golden on the bottom and edges and of course the cheese melted.
And there you go! I cut my bread right away, Or if your having them with your meal cut like garlic bread (great for spaghetti dinner night).  If you’re having a dinner party and want them as appetizers you can cut them like this picture.

Handmade Valentine’s gift

The Girls wanted to make their nanny a present for Valentine’s. Not just a card, but something she would always keep. I made a conversational heart frame for myself a few years ago that I put on my fridge every year. I asked my oldest if she thought we should make a picture frame. 
What you will need for this gift: 
$1 wood frame (Hobby Lobby, Walmart or any craft store. 
Use a coupon at craft stores.)
Paint of your choice 
$1 Foam Conversational Hearts (Target)
My original frame was a thin piece of wood with no back that I got at Michael’s for 80 cents. I put a magnet on the back of it and taped a picture to the back. That’s why it goes on my fridge. This one is a little heavy and may not stay on the fridge with just one magnet. 
No sanding was needed with this frame, but you may need to sand yours with a little sandpaper. No primer – just two coats of paint. Let first coat completely dry (overnight) then do the second. After it is dry, you can start putting foam stickers on. I laid mine out on the frame first to see how I wanted to overlap them. This also helps to make sure no two colors are on top of each other and no two sayings are. 
Once you figure out how you want your conversational hearts, you are ready to peel the backs off. I do one at a time because these suckers are sticky. Press them firmly down. You can overlap one on top of another to complete the look and make sure there are no unnecessary holes. 
Now I just have to find a cute picture of my two girls to put in it. You could print off a cute saying too. This would make a great gift for a teacher, loved one or your neighbor, etc.  
While I was out shopping with a friend at Walmart the other day, she picked up a heart frame she was going to use for her husband from her daughter. I suggested she use chalkboard paint on the entire frame and use a few hearts. The chalkboard frame would be great for a teacher gift too. 

Valentine Hair Bow

I wanted to make something cute for my daughters close friends for Valentine’s this year. They really like my Bows that I make them. For Halloween this year I made them Candy Corn hair bows and wanted to do something Valentinesy for their treat bag. I got the ribbon at Hobby Lobby. I chose this ribbon because it didn’t scream valentine’s.
They can wear it year round as opposed to the Halloween ones I made.
The finished product:

Strawberry/Brownie Cupcakes

Brownie and cake in one is amazing! They come out so pretty!
For the cupcakes:
box of strawberry cake
box of brownie mix
Preheat an oven to 350 degrees
Whisk together the brownie mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup canola oil, and 1/4 cup water in a bowl.
Mix the cake mix I add an extra egg to what the box says Subsitute ¾ cup of water for milk, and substitute ¼ cup of oil to butter. This turns your box cake into homemade taste!
Spoon the brownie batterinto prepared muffin cups, filling each cup 1/3 full. Spoon the cake batter over the brownie batter, until muffin cups are each 2/3 full. (for the brownie mix I put my batter in a glass measuring cup so I didn’t get brownie batter on the sides)
Bake in the preheated oven until golden about 20 minutes.
Let your cupcakes cool and you can take off your liners so everyone can see the pretty layers!