Valentine’s Treats

Valentine’s Wafers

These cute easy Wafers are perfect for a Valentine’s party or as treats!
These are beyond easy to make and very reasonable.
Wafers ( any flavor, I did strawberry)
Melting chocolate of your choice  ( I used white chocolate microwave melting bark)
Desired sprinkles ( Go to a craft store and use a coupon on their app to get the best deal)
Wax paper or Foil
  1. Dip your wafers in your chocolate, lay on the foil
  2. Sprinkle your toppings right away before the chocolate hardens so your topping will stick well
  3. Take a spoon and dip in your chocolate and drizzle over wafers for a finishing touch
  4. Let the chocolate set and enjoy! 

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DIY Doilies

 DIY Dyed Doilies

Have fun with dying some paper Doilies. I was out looking for different color doilies and couldn’t find any other than white and gold. I once saw a tutorial on how to color coffee filters so I tried the same method for these doilies and they came out perfect!


  • A bowl or baking dish (I used a Pyrex baking dish)
  • White doilies (dollar tree)
  • Food coloring
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
This is like coloring Easter eggs, the longer the doilies soak the darker color you will get.
If you don’t want colored fingers = wear your gloves! But change gloves as you change colors so you don’t mix your colors!
  1. First fill your Pyrex dish with enough water to cover your doilies. Add your food coloring to your water. You will need your food coloring to be very concentrated. The darker the water the better! Lay down some paper towels for the doilies to dry on.
  2. submerge one doily in the water ( wearing your gloves) and let the doily soak for 10-15 seconds
  3. gently take the doily out of the water and lay on the paper towel to dry. ( these doilies are very fragile)  
  4. Blot dry them right away with a different paper towel, and set aside to dry. 

This can be a fun project for your kids to help you with! I gave a few to the kids to play with and they had a little tea party.

Valentine’s Hot Chocolate on a stick DIY

Came across these at Target and I wanted to share an easy DIY for them too. They cost $1.00 a piece but can be duped for much less. 

With Valentine’s just around the corner, I’ve been looking for inspiration for things to make for gifts. These could be given to friends, teachers, coworkers and anyone who loves hot cocoa.

What you will need:
Double boiler or glass bowl to go over top of pot of simmering water
Heart shaped chocolate mold, ice trays work great I got a heart shaped one from IKEA for $1
Stir sticks or a bag of wooden craft sticks, can even use sucker sticks
Ziploc baggie or piping bag. 
Cellophane wrap or treat bag

Option 1:
8 oz. chocolate bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white chocolate all work (I used Andes Mints baking chocolate) 
3 Tbsp cocoa, sifted
6-8 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar, sifted, depending on how much sweeter you’d like your hot chocolate
pinch of salt
Giver’s blog has the best directions on making hot chocolate on a stick.
Option 2:
Just use baking chocolate and heat in microwave. Fill mold with ziploc bag or piping bag. Always tap the chocolate in the mold on a surface to release air bubble. Stick the stick straight up after the chocolate has hardened a little. 
Pink cake plate has a cute way to personalize your craft sticks.

Print out a cute printable for the top of the stick

Valentine’s Chocolate DIY

Well on one of my many trips to Target (it is my favorite), I noticed some chocolate on a stick sucker pops and such. My inspiration:

I decided to make these and show you how easy it is. These sale for $1.99 each. I can make minimum of 8 for $6-$8. After you have the main supplies- only cost you $3 for 8. These are great for friend valentines, teachers, daycare, fundraisers, valentine dances, etc. 
What you will need:
Mustache Mold
Sucker sticks
Cellophane wrap or Cello bags
Baking chocolate
Cute printable
Now I already had the mustache mold that I got from Hobby Lobby (another favorite of mine). I used the weekly Hobby Lobby coupon on it bringing it down to $1.19. I bought it for a boy baby shower. 
If you invest in chocolate molds, you can find other reasons to use it. 
I love Andes mints and use their Creme De Menthe baking chips for my Chocolate molds. Andes baking chips can be found at ACMoore and grocery stores. If you get it at ACMoore, be sure to use your coupon. You can use any kind of baking chocolate and purchase this at any grocery store, craft store and baking store. 
Follow the Chocolate directions for heating. I use the microwave to heat. I do not pour the whole bag at first. I pour a little at a time because I only have one mold. Pour in the molds, fill it up but do not overfill. Place the sucker sticks in the mold. Let set till hard. I put mine in the fridge. Let them sit out of the fridge at room temp for a little while before you put them in cellophane. 

I made some little tags to hole punch and tie to the sucker. I got the printable from Auntielolocrafts
I then added my own text. You can right click these and save them and then print yourself. Just print at a smaller scale.

Alice in Wonderland

Shabby Chic Alice in Wonderland Party

This Shabby Chic Alice in wonderland inspired party was one of my favorite party’s  to create! I wanted the Shabby Chic style which was impossible to find so I found a paper design in my theme and used it to create most of the  pintable’s and treat bags.  is where I get all my table linens and chair covers
you get the best price!
Wal-Mart frame spray painted- favorite Alice In Wonderland Quote

Starbucks Glass with DIY printable
Custom Teacups as favors by hollyslay Etsy

Found these cute paper plates at
DIY treat bags fallow instructions here

Mad Hatter
Photo Props

Halloween Witches Ball

Children’s Witches Ball


I bought these little jars at Hobby Lobby
( watch for when all glass merchandise goes half off to get the best deal)
found these plaques in the Halloween section and hot glued them to the jars
all the kids created spells ( spider & bat confetti) and added them to their jars

Found these cute test tubes and stirrers in the 
Target Halloween dollar section
for the confetti for their potions
Mummies ( drizzle white chocolate over and add candy eyes)

chocolate witch molds
( molds can be found at Ac Moore)

Target $1 Section
added my own printable and ribbon

Graveyard treats
chocolate pudding add crumbled Oreos to the bottom and to the top
top with pumpkin candy and marshmallow ghost


Christmas Baking Party

A little Baking fun for the Kids during the Holidays.

We used sugar cones that can turn into Christmas trees with some green frosting
you can use any candy to decorate, we used m&ms for the trees. I found cute plastic aprons on Oriental Trading.
Cute Little Guys I found at Hobby Lobby
Starbucks Glasses with printable’s from Pinterest
Decorating supplies

Girly Pirate Party


Who says Pirates are for boys?
You can turn any boy theme into a pretty girl party! It might take you awhile to dig around finding the right décor to match your theme and stay in your color story, but don’t give up! Help from Hobby Lobby, Amazon and Etsy is where I found most of my treasures. Found all my cute printable’s from on Etsy! 
Tip:  if you find a printable you like but not the color or vision you have in mind message the designer your ideas and usually 100% of the time they can customize it for you!
Dress like a Matey station
Found on Amazon

Vintage Map scrapbook paper to add a little touch
 Found on Etsy, cute favor bags that we put chocolate coins and gems inside as favors
Dress up those swords with some Tulle
Dig For Treasure
Found these compasses at Hobby Lobby and added some
string to make as necklaces
Skull chocolate favors. Mold can be found at
 Hobby Lobby

Brownie Bites
Mold can be found at
Ac Moore

Lalaloopsy Party

Won’t you be a doll and join us for a Sew Magical Birthday Party!
 to create this Lalaloopsy party we used printable’s from nslittleshop found on Etsy
we also used the following…..

Table Décor (Used button wrapping paper as a table runner)


Sewing Station!
Table for the Boys!

Chocolate Button Pops, bought the chocolate sucker mold on Amazon

Treat Bags 
(Used stickers and placed on small treat boxes and bubble wands. Purchased pencil toppers at ToysRus.  Button punch from Martha Stewart line.)

Bought blank bubble wands at Target in the party section. The box comes in multi colors. I found Lalaloopsy stickers in a large coloring book at Marshall’s. This is an easy way to include your theme in the treat bag.

Barbie Paris Party

Barbie Glam Birthday Party

Barbie Glam Party was a blast to plan. The girls all had makeovers and walked down a runway, to music: I’m A Barbie girl by Aqua. All the girls received a Barbie silhouette shirt, with a pink tutu. The black and white table runner was purchased on Oriental Trading. All pintable’s were found on etsy & Pinterest. 


 Little Favor Bags for the girls

Found these cute photo frames at Hobby Lobby.

Strawberry wafers dipped in white chocolate with a little dazzle 

fabulous Barbie silhouettes from on Etsy
strawberry milk, little cups dipped in pink sprinkles
Found these little treasures on Amazon