$1 Wood Black Cat Halloween Decor

black cats

Sierra has a love of black cats. She loves witches and every witch rocks a black cat. She even owns her very own black cat, “Boo”. That cat loves me by the way. It’s a shame I am allergic. So Sierra came across Clover House’s 2 x 4 Black Cats and Pumpkin DIY and fell in love. I thought why not – I wont’ be allergic to these little cuties. Her husband works construction and comes across repurposed, old wood all the time. So he picked us up some and cut out our cats. If you know someone that is remodeling or works in a field that uses wood – ask for some old 2 x 4’s. They would be throwing it out after all.

Clover house black cats

Follow Clover House’s directions, she has the measurements for cutting etc. We hand sanded ours with some sandpaper we already had. We chose not to sandpaper after we painted. I liked them dark black. I used a foam sponge, Sierra used a regular paint brush. Just note that if you use a foam sponge brush – it absorbs the paint. Pine wood also drinks paint so you will need a couple to few coats of paint to cover. I went with large googly eyes because the smaller ones looked too small. We hot glued the eyes to the wood after the paint dried.

Black cats

We already had black paint on hand, paint brushes and googly eyes. So our total cost was $1 for Raffia for the cats whiskers. Picked some up at Dollar Tree. If you do not have all your supplies, you could buy the wood at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Pick up some acrylic black paint at WalMart for 57 cents. Google eyes at Dollar Tree with the Raffia for $2 total. Total cost coming to $5-$10 depending on wood price. If you do not have the time or energy to make your own – Clover House sells them on DeeDeesCards Etsy shop for the set $20.

Black Cats

photo 2-13Cute, cheap Halloween Decor for your mantel or table. We had a lot of fun making these.

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